The Challenge

Create a Business Core Process Knowledge Base and Improvement Backlog by conducting assessments of operational execution in multiple countries, with the goal of optimizing:

  • Time
  • Quality
  • Scalability
  • Costs
  • Usability (as for technology-supported tasks)
  • Internal Control


Within a very collaborative environment and running on virtual mode, a team formed by BTM and GDM´s members undertook the task of assessing the core business operations.

Countries: Argentina, Brasil y USA

GDM Participants: 30 business users +  members of GDM project team

Duration: 6 months

GDM business users who participated on the processes in scope were organized by country / region, and actively engaged in multiple workshops alongside BTM process consultants and members of the GDM project team. These workshops served as forums for evaluating many improvement proposals based on BTM consultant’s experience and best practices, best performing practices shared by GDM business users and several insights uncovered from the collaborative efforts of all participants.


  • A unified vision of the processes in scope, which is contained in 24 process flows and their key points
  • A unified Season Schedule Structure and the specific version for each country/region’s dates
  • A standarized Improvements Backlog, which was also prioritized (77 improvements)
  • Sinergies and Quick Wins definitions

As a bonus, BTM shared an Assessment on Process Management, Innovation and Change Management with GDM Steering Committee as well as the Project’s Lessons Learned, specially considering this was a project carried out under very peculiar circumstances.

Mission accomplished!

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