The Challenge

Improve operational performance on Sales and Supply processes leveraging on the company’s ERP and a holistic process view.
After completing the SAP upgrade project, Correo and BTM designed and executed a comprehensive users training  program for Sales and Supply processes. The program had three primary objectives: 

  • Level up users knowledge..
  • Improve process execution flow.
  • Leverage productivity through available ERP features.


BTM and Correo Training Department teamed up and co-created an effective strategy for the SAP Training Program, which included:

  • Defining content and structure, and creating a Training Catalog
  • Identifying and segmenting the target audience and training paths
  • Designing and building training materials
  • Planning and executing training sessions
  • Identifying and including future internal trainers

Through the delivery of a reusable scheme and training components built by BTM, Correo has gained the ability to execute and update new editions of the program as new personnel join or change roles. This allows training materials remain current, speeding up knowledge transfer and reducing the time business leaders spend assisting untrained employees or correcting process execution mistakes.

20+ business and SAP IT leaders from Correo worked closely with BTM team on the knowledge transfer and validation of training material built.


  • + 30 training sessions executed.
  • +10 business areas impacted
  • +200 Correo Argentino collaborators trained.
  • +20 reusable training components representing 20 business processes and 35 SAP transactions.
  • Self-service training materials availablereducing the need for time-consuming personal assistance from business leaders.

Photos: Program Kick Off  and Training sesions.

BTM Team

 * Lorena Barboza, Rafael De Luca, Luz Carrodani, and the special participation of Juan Pablo Ivanier.

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